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I started curating shows as part of our interactive installations with Completely Naked; including the Skin/Strip series:
'Skin/Strip London' is an interactive installation created by Completely Naked and commissioned by The Museum Of The Unknown, running from October 2000 until January 2001.
Skin/Strip is a labyrinth of lit round-shaped corridors, wallpapered with photographic images of skin. Identities of unknown people. Blueprints of the audience. In the middle of the labyrinth is a photo-booth. In the intimacy of this room, the audience is invited to have part of their body (skin) recorded on a digital camera, this image will become part of the exhibition.

  'Skin/Strip Barcelona', was presented at the opening of In Motion Festival (4 to 7 July 2001) and then stayed at the Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona CCCB until September 2001.
Succesfully aclaimed by the media, the exhibition was attended by 60,000 people and 7,000 images were taken.
  'Skin/Strip online'is an online live artistic project for Shooting Live Artists'03 in collaboration between Completely Naked and Furtherfield.
Skin Strip Online invites the global digital community to anonymously express their physical identity using visual images of their bodies. Individual net users participate in a collective, live event, confronting social and cultural representations of the body within the net community, by revealing and viewing their previously unknown corporeality via net-based technology...
  'Records' (featuring artwork by Sandra Rubies as part of the Berlin - London exchange 2002).
The purpose of the Gallery Swap is to develop a bi-lateral engagement between two of Europe's leading art capitals: the overall aim is to bring together the art communities of Berlin and London and to create a fruitful long-term relationship at every level of the visual arts engagement and exchange.
We comission 'Records' to be shown at Century gallery in London and we were invited to present 'Raw Perceptions><Body Life' at Lasal gallery in Berlin

More recently I'm curating a photographic project:
'INTIMACY (human people)' by Completely Naked at Campbell Works gallery, November 2005.
100 international photographers portray new visions of intimacy... (follow the link)

Image galleries of the opening here

  'Hors d'Ici' a la Maison de la Catalogne (Institutional exhibition commissioned by the Catalan Government representing the work of leading artists from the Catalan galleries present at the Paris Photo 2005)