pau art


in 1999 I created Completely Naked artistic partnership with Claire Ward-Thornton, specializing in interactive, live and visual arts.

Completely Naked believes in creating while communicating; working in partnership and establishing a network of collaborations.

We regard interactivity as an exchange of stimulation, not just with the audience but creating promiscuity amongst the arts.

We like to think that our projects are constantly evolving and changing...

Since 1999 we've got different commissions and have shown the work in galleries, venues, public spaces, online and in festivals across the UK and internationally. Work includes KissBox, Skin/Strip, Raw Perceptions, loveoneday and Intimacy, among's others.


Previously, in 1997, with Anna Pons Carrera, we created the company
She Did Not
, producing 3 different shows: 'She Did Not That at All', Resolution at The Place, 1997, 'Really not not Really', The Spitz, 1998, and 'Out of iT', People Show Studios, 1999; all of them based on live dance, video and music.


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